Cheri’s New Rules

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cheris-new-rules-500x755Every marriage has its ups and downs and for twenty years Judge Michael Reynolds reminded himself of that fact, daily. His wife, Chéri, was the epitome of the perfect suburban wife. Chéri, worked for an advertising agency, raised their twin sons and micromanaged them all to within an inch of their lives. It worked, he assured himself. It didn’t work well, but it worked. He kept his nose to the grindstone and stayed out of her way as best he could, avoiding confrontations and acting as a buffer between her and the boys. Even now he wasn’t sure if he had a mid-life crisis or it had something to do with the boys going off to college, but one day he’d had enough, more than enough! It was time for some new rules and for the first time in a very long marriage he felt capable of enforcing them. Michael tried not to present them as an ultimatum, but Chéri, knew what they were just the same. Her husband was tired of her domineering, controlling ways. While he readily accepted his part of the blame for what their marriage had become, he was not willing to continue with the status quo.

What he wanted shocked her to her core. At the same time, there was a certain aspect of his idea that appealed to her in a way she never would have suspected. You see Michael wanted to take over, everything. He wanted to be the one in charge of their household and especially of her, convinced it would improve their love life as well as their marriage. He wanted to try age-play. They would start slowly, he assured her. On the weekends he would become her daddy. She would leave her troubles and adult responsibilities at the door when she walked in the house on Friday evening. From then on it was his turn to take care of her. He would provide for all her needs, love and care for her and discipline her when the need arose. In return for her obedience, she would be pampered and sexually satisfied in ways only he was aware of.

For sure it was a leap of faith, but Chéri takes it and finds far more than she bargained for as this forty-something couple learns you can teach an old dog, new rules.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, the dynamic of age-play, elements of power exchange, sexually explicit scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


______Sneak Peak______

Oh, Michael,” she sighed. “Please don’t make me answer that now, not tonight. You said I could have until the weekend,” she reminded him.

“I know I did,” he agreed, running a hand through his hair as he held her close with his other arm. “I think you’ve already decided what you want but for some reason you’re finding it difficult to tell me.”

Chéri felt her face warm and looked away from his probing eyes. It was always hard to keep things from him and never more so than when her bottom was exceedingly hot and she knew another spanking could happen at any time.

“Please give me some more time, honey,” she pleaded. “This isn’t exactly an easy decision.

After all, you did say I would no longer have a safe word.”

“Is that the issue or are you embarrassed to admit that sometimes you’re really a two-year- old and want your daddy to treat you as such? Would you like me to remove the choice from you so you bear no personal responsibility?” he asked with a knowing look in his eyes.

“Of course not,” she insisted softly. “This is my life too and while it would be nice to lay it all on you, I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair. Then if things turned horribly wrong—”

“What could possibly turn ‘horribly wrong?” he demanded, stroking the hair back from her face. “I love you and I’d never do anything to hurt you, not in a permanent way. I’ll always discipline you when you’re a naughty girl or don’t follow the rules. That will never change no matter what, but I think I know you well enough after all these years I’ll be able to tell what you’re enjoying despite your complaints and what’s truly frightening or hurting you.”

He was right, she admitted to herself. He did know her, better than she ever realized. Somehow in this great big universe they’d found each other, even if it had taken them years to admit their needs were remarkably similar.

She’d stripped him of his manhood, he’d found the perfect approach to reclaim it in a way that satisfied a part of her she never knew existed. So far she loved everything her dominant daddy did to her, but how far could she take it? How far would he go? He’d said he was perfectly happy with their relationship as it was. Would taking it to a new level ruin everything?

Calling her his little girl was so cute, but could she be his baby with all that entailed? No safe word meant he had complete control, always. It scared the hell out of her. While she’d never called a halt to anything he did, there was a certain comfort in knowing she could. At the same time, the knowledge that he held all the power was exciting as hell. She squirmed on his lap and cried out both from the soreness of her bottom and the feel of his large cock pushing against her. She couldn’t win, she realized. Her body would always betray her.

When Michael slipped his hand under her nightgown and cupped her pussy, he smiled. “Never mind, sweet girl,” he murmured. “I said I’d give you till the weekend and I  will.”

His finger stroked her tiny clit before inching inside her. “I don’t want you to worry, baby. It will all work out, you’ll see. For now, I think I’ll make you come a few times before I fuck you silly.”

“Oh, Michael,” she moaned, clamping her legs together. “You do know, don’t you?”

“I know, sweetheart and it’s all right, but this weekend you’ll say the words,” he informed her. “I need to hear them. Now open your legs for Daddy, pretty baby,” he ordered a bit sternly. “This is my little kitty and I want to play with it.”

Chéri shivered.

“Unbutton your nightgown. I think I want to suck those pouty nipples.”

 Slowly Chéri worked the pearl buttons free of their holes. Her hands shook as she parted her gown for him and let her thighs fall open. She loved how his eyes devoured her, loved the deep rumble of appreciation in his throat when he got his way. His hand slipped under one of her cheeks and grasped her firmly as his mouth descended. While she didn’t want to admit it, at least not yet, there wasn’t a damn thing this man could tell her to do that wouldn’t secretly thrill her. She was his, body and soul, adult and child, even when he had her crying and pleading for mercy she knew he wouldn’t give. She still wasn’t sure whether she was one sick bitch or the luckiest woman in the world.